Seeds are used in Minecraft to take you to new and exciting worlds in the game. Here will be looking at the best seeds we have found for the Minecraft PE version!

The list of best Minecraft PE Seeds

Seed: Nyan
There cannot be a list of top Minecraft PE seeds without including Nyan. This is a very popular seed often regarded as the best seed of the game. This is possibly due to the amazing landscape that this world has to offer. With a mix of mountains, rivers, lava, beaches, caves and over hangs there is something for everyone – never a dull surrounding!

Seed: 1388582293

PE Village Seed

PE Village Seed: 1388582293

If you are looking for a seed to take you to the best village, we may have found it! This seed will take you to possibly the biggest village in Minecraft PE! Ok, actually we are cheating a little here. This is actually 3 villages – but unlike other worlds where the villages are far apart, these villages are touching creating one ‘triple’ village. It includes villagers, three wells and three blacksmiths.
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Seed: time
If you want a seed to take you to a flat terrain use ‘time’! This is for the PE minecrafters who like to build and create! Huge areas of flat ground are yours to use!

Seed: I Am A Belieber

Great PE Seed With Mountains

PE Seed: I Am A Belieber

Another seed that takes you to an amazing landscape! Huge mountains, valleys caves and overhangs to adventure into. It also includes some rivers, waterfalls, lava and some floating islands.

Seed: -495809461
Another huge village seed – who knows, you may even call this a city! This seed includes villages, blacksmiths and a really cool landscape.

The village can be found near the spawn of this seed. It is near where the forest starts and the savanna ends.

Seed: broarmy

Minecraft PE Seed: broarmy

Minecraft PE Seed: broarmy

Looking for a seed with floating islands? There are loads with ‘broarmy’. This seed makes the list again due to its fantastic landscape, it’s hard to get bored here. So many trees, floating islands and lava rivers.

Seed: epicnesss jebness

Minecraft PE Jungle Seed

PE Jungle Seed: epicnesss jebness

Jungle seed! This is a totally cool seed featuring thick jungle terrain. Lots of green, trees, vines, fruits and the occasional lava fall.

With this seed you will be able to collect watermelons and cocoa beans – which are very healthy of course. Make sure you know where you are heading; you can easily lose directing between the thick jungle plants. I think this is my personal favorite minecraft PE seed.

Seed: drowndrowndrown123

Minecraft PE Seed drowndrowndrown123

Minecraft PE Seed: drowndrowndrown123

This makes the list of best seeds due to the varied landscape. Consisting of huge caves, overhangs, lava falls and much more to explore!

Seed: SunShine
This has to be the Best Mincraft PE seed for diamonds! This world is easy diamonds! With this seed you will spawn on top of a tree. From there you need to dig right down the middle of the tree into the ground, keep digging, you will pass a cave just keep digging go further and you will eventually reach the next cave where there are 7 diamonds right under your feet. Keep venturing around this cave for more diamonds, gold, iron and emeralds. Treasure hunt time!

Seed: spinny
The best Minecraft pocket edition seeds for iron! There are loads of iron blocks even on the surface. For easy to find iron and coal visit spinny.

It’s also quite flat too so great for getting creative and building.

That brings us to the end of our list, however we are always updating.
We would love to hear your best Minecraft PE seeds! Comment below…