Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Diamond Seeds

Minecraft PE Seed: diamond seed

This is amazing!! This has to be the best diamond seed out there (If you have better then let me know!!). The seed is ‘diamond seed’ and it totally lives up to its name.

Diamond Seed

Dig here for diamonds!

Right near the spawn point you will find the place to dig (see picture above). As you start digging, you will come to a cave, you want to keep digging until you get to a second cave. In there you will find the diamonds! I have been through these caves and found around 40 diamonds! The seed also contains gold, iron and a dungeon.

There’s your first diamond

Oh but be careful of the lava and the monsters if you are in survival mode!

There is a bit of digging involved in a maze of a cave so you may want to check out this video for more information on where to find the individual diamonds.

Minecraft PE Seed: 1408162313

This is another one of the best diamond seeds with the added bonus of a village.
Ok, so you don’t spawn right near the diamonds. So fly up and turn around until you see the village, fly towards the village (and you might as well visit the blacksmith!).

Diamond and village seed

Village in front of you

Near the village you will see an opening to a cave. You want to enter the cave and follow the waterfall. All the way in – deep deep down. The good thing about this seed is that there is no need to dig into the ground and get lost, just follow the cave.
Diamonds in here

The cave entrance for your diamonds

You will come to two lava lakes, go straight past them and on the wall ahead you will find your first 6 diamonds.
Diamond Seed
Can you see the diamonds?

Can you see the diamonds?

Your first 6 diamonds

Your first 6 diamonds

There are many more diamonds, coal, ore and treats in this cave. Its big an open for you to explore!

Best Diamond Seeds