Diverse Mesa Landscapes With Giant Village Including Blacksmith

This seed is perfect for diversity, there is so many different biomes within this seed compared to so many other seeds. So if you’re looking for a survival world with your friends or you just want to explore a cool new minecraft seed this is the one for you.

Spawn in an epic diverse world with forest, mesa, hills and plains biomes plus a huge village with blacksmith in spawn area.

(Screenshots below)

Minecraft PE: 1.0

Seed: 128388

The seed is comprised of a Hills Biome, Plains Biome, Lake, Forest Biome, Forest Hills Biome, Mesa Biome and village (Huge).

It’s a great seed. It must be one of the best for the new adventuring player just getting into MCPE due to the diverse landscape but will be awesome for almost any type of player – survival would be epic here.

Spawn Area
Spawn area.

The perfect Minecraft PE village complete with blacksmith
Insane village with a blacksmith right next to the spawn area.

Tall cayon - cool biome
Tall canyon with amazing craters in the sand near the spawn area.

Lake forest and mesa biome
Amazing forest and lake behind the spawn and canyon area.

Mesa Plateau
Insane Forest Hills crossed with Mesa Plateau.

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