The best jungle seeds for pocket edition Minecraft

Seed: Nether

This is a village jungle seed which includes a blacksmith.

There are also diamonds to be found. Check out the video above. Head to a small cave on the outside of the village go in there and head towards the lava pits. Lots of gold and diamond to be found in this jungle seed!

Seed: 1405121306

A great Jungle seed for getting creative.

By entering this seed you will be transported to a collection of jungle islands. Kind of like a tropical paradise with plenty of trees, beaches and caves to enjoy!

Seed: twins

A sand village inside of an epic jungle – with a huge abandoned mineshaft beside the village well.

Seed: mum

The best Jungle island.

Huge jungle with some really tall trees. Why not build some awesome tree houses? Scenery is great too, plenty of little islands out there with waterfalls and more.

Seed: 3083175

What an amazing jungle seed! A huge jungle with mountains, meandering rivers, wildlife, the tallest trees you could imagine, vines, caves. This seed needs adventuring! Oh, and did we say it was huge?
Dark Minecraft Forest
Huge jungle seed