Open Plain Seed With Forest Village & Plenty of Resources

This seed is perfect for a realm server, it’s got everything you need right off the bat, food, animals, wool for beds, wood for building and crafting supplies and even villagers.

An epic seed for a Minecraft PE realm server. Lots of resources and a village at spawn point.

Minecraft PE Version: 1.0

Seed: -1804478546

This seed is very open plan, with a Forest at the spawn and another small little forest around the corner.

The seed would be perfect for realms as you can build your forest and your surroundings as you wish. The plains biome makes it easy and less work for building huge bases or a small little village. (If a village is what you are after check out the best village seeds list.)

Spawn point
Spawn point very close to the village.

Cute lake surrounded by trees, situated in front of the spawn area).

Small Village
Small little village also right near the spawn area surrounded by plains upon plains).

Horses at the spawn point of this seed
Family of horses. Sheep and pigs are also near the spawn & village.

Small oak Minecraft oak forest.
Small Oak forest of sorts near the village.)

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