Snow Village Seed with Blacksmith and Ice Biome (plus forest)

At time of writing it is teh middle of winter and this snow village seed is very fitting for the this season. This seed features some festive Holiday villagers, and ice biome.

A snow village seed with a diverse landscape which also features an icebiome, mountains and forests

(Screenshots below)

Minecraft PE Version: 0.16.2

Seed: 1410403532

This seed is perfect for the snow lovers but there’s something for everyone.

Going from the spawn you’ll find the ice spikes biome if that’s not your thing just follow this around to the top and you’ll find a snow village with a loot of four Iron Ingots and four Bread.

Just behind the village there’s a plains biome too and right back at spawn a lovely oak forest and on the bottom side of this a plains snow biome and a mountain snow biome. A diverse landscape – something for everyone, right?

Spawn point of an awesome ice village minecraft pocket edition seed
Spawn location, Spawning on the edge of a Oak forest biome. Located very close to a village & Ice spikes biome.

Right next to the spawn point. A village with blacksmith #mcpe
Festive Holiday Village, with a young village playing and exploring the snow. Raiding the blacksmith holds you 4 Iron and 4 Bread.

An amazing ice biome
Ice Spikes biome located next to spawn and the village This biome is for those who like the architecture.

A plain biome  just beyond the snow village and ice biome.
Not a fan of the winter stuff? Don’t worry behind the winter wonderland there’s a nice open plains biome.

Nice forest area if you want to get away form the ice biome and snow village.
Want a more “Foresty” vibe then go back to the spawn and there you have a lovely forest biome.

Diverse landscape, mountain snow and plains biome
Not a ice spikes kinda guy? Check out this diverse landscape – a mountain and plains biome within a snow biome to fit all your needs.

What did you think? Leave a comment below. Do you have another favorite snow village? Let us know!
Best snow village with an amazing diverse landscape. Ice Biomes, forests and plains.

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