Minecraft PE Village Seeds

We have found our favorite villages for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. These seeds are full of fantastic scenery, blacksmiths, interesting caves, mountains, cliffs, diamonds, emeralds and a whole lot more…

Top 5 Village Seeds for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)


Village seed 1388582293
Three villages right at the spawn of the seed. This huge cluster of villages looks like a mini city and is right in the middle of some great scenery. Plenty of places to explorer in the mountains behind right behinds the spawn point – with two more hidden mountain villages!
This really cool triple village seed is complete with two blacksmiths at spawn!


Village Seed: Skydoessnoobs
This is an excellent village seed as it is two villages next to one another. But what makes this extra cool is that these are two different types of villages. One is a desert village and the other is a normal Minecraft village. I can only find one blacksmith here and he is in the normal village.

super pig

Village Seed: super pig
Love this seed as the village is so unique! It has been built on a mountain / cliff face. From spawn you need to go straight ahead – you will soon see a huge mountain infront of you and the village beginning. The village begins at the foot of the mountain and then you will see some building built on the cliff face and high up in the mountains. The blacksmith can be found on the edge of the cliff!


Village Seed: 1405058635
You will spawn right in the middle of a sand village with a blacksmith. Attached to this sand village is a double ‘normal’ village with another blacksmith – check it out!

johnny appleseed

Village Seed: johnny appleseed
Village Seed
A quadruple village seed at spawn! Three of these four blacksmiths contain blacksmiths! So it’s a good seed if you are interested in opening the blacksmith chests which contain emeralds!
The reason that this is top of the list is because the world has a whole lot more to offer. A quick fly over the dessert and you will see many caves – some of these have some nice surprises! *cough cough* more chests and loot!

Best Minecraft Village Seeds