What are minecraft seeds and why would you use them?

Minecraft seeds are a little like passwords. They are a selection of numbers and letters (case sensitive) which allow players to spawn into new worlds. It allows Minecrafters to share the different worlds with each other, find the best seeds and pass them on! There are so many random worlds out there it is sometimes good to research a Minecraft seed so that you can go to a world that suits your needs. A flat world for building, a seed to find diamonds or a village.

Something to note about Minecraft seeds

A seed will take you to the world in the state it originated. What I mean by that is that if your friend joined a seed and built a volcano, that volcano would not appear on your version of the world if you enter the same seed. You will enter the world from the beginning. Also, you can’t use seeds to meet up with friends, if you and a friend enter the same seed you will not appear in the same world together. You will both be taken to your own version of that world.